Momentos do Rei

Roberto Carlos Honestly

Momentos do Rei   - Honestly - 1981

Come to me honestly
It's time for us to end this game of pretending
You look at me with such fire in your eyes
The smile I see is a fragile disguise
Come to me honestly

And let me fell you just how much I need
to hold you
We both have lost love
Now we're afraid of

All the dreams that we've known coming true
Oh! It's not easy
to look into your eyes tonight and
Let you know me
It won't be just another bedtime story
And so my darling, when you come to me
Come to me honestly
You know you need my love more than one
Night time
And what we have could last a life time
If we only love each other honestly
It's not easy

Composição: Sue Sheridan

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