Momentos do Rei

Roberto Carlos Niagara

Momentos do Rei   - Niagara - 1981

You look at me
So differently
Have I changed so much from who I used to be
We're both too wide for alibies,
We talk, but there's so much that we don't say
I guees I've gotten use to it this way.

But in Niagara we almost touch the moon
And when I fell, I couldn't tell,
It happened all too soon.
But in Niagara, we fere foolish then,
Let it happen again.

You hold my hand to please my friends,
But when they leave the music stops,

The love song ends,
And even though there's
Nothing coming in.
Maybe this is how we've always been.
But in Niagara I took you by surprise
I knew you heard my every word
Just looking in my eyes.
But in Niagra, we were crazy then,
Make me crazy again.
But in Niagara, we were crazy then,
Make me crazy again.

Composição: Marvin Hamlisch/Carole Bayer Sager /Bruce Roberts

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